Friday, June 19, 2009

Featured Designer: Ribbies Clippies

UPDATE: Kim from Ribbies Clippies was passing through, so we just got the chance to visit and talk shop. Yup, she is just as sweet as I remembered.

Date: August 2007

Place: Minneapolis , MN

Target Headquarters

Reason: New Parent Inventors Meeting

I was a small fish in a gigantic pond. The owners of huge companies like Hooter Hider, Baby Legs, Moby Wrap all gathered together to share their goods. Sleek packaging, impressive sales numbers....and me sitting there with a Wet Happened? bag I had made the night before in my basement.

Talk about fear.

Thankfully, I met the owners of Ribbies Clippies. They just look nice, don't they?

Although they, too, had a great product with beautiful packaging, I immediately connected to their story. Two moms that had set out to make their baby’s face stand out more than the hair accessory.

As I have grown to know this company, I am more and more impressed with just how great this little clip is. They have hundreds of designs, and are adding new innovative products all the time. Each offering has the same things in common- classic style, esthetically stunning. Modern and not the plastic hair clips I used to wear.

They are taking a short break to relocate their offices to Texas (can I come?), but will be shipping all new orders out in August. Worth the wait!

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