Thursday, June 4, 2009

Know anyone?

I have two new features that will be a permanent fixture on my blog (Lord willing, LOL).

Mega Heart Mondays:

A while back there was a video going around on Facebook. It was called "Everything is amazing, no one is happy". The comedian points out how great we have it in America. Here it is in case you have not seen it.

I agree with him, I am not sure we realize just how great we have it. I love hearing of other's giving back, so this post will be dedicated to someone with a mega heart doing mega things.

Toot Toot Tuesdays

I started MiniMe BabyGear with eight items.

Eight. Isn't that crazy?

On average, I now try to add at least four items per week to the site. I will pick one per week that is worthy of a good shout out.
Here is where you fit in. Do you know anyone that fits into this category? Someone that is giving back or doing something extraordinary? Are you? Let me know about it!

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