Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wet Bag Wednesday

I am full of alliterations this week, aren't I?

This one is fun, though, I promise.

It goes like this: Add a banner to your blog/website, receive a free Wet Happened? wet bag. The code for the banner is located here, along with instructions. If you are adding the banner manually, please make sure to hyperlink the banner back to

Once you have this accomplished, simply send me an e-mail to Please be sure to include the URL, your shipping address, and which style you would like.
Once I verify the link, I will send a free Wet Happened? bag to the first ten people. USA shipping addresses only.

What styles are there?

Blue Dots
Green Swirl
Pink Butterfly
Question: what if I do not have a blog/website?
Please check back! I intend to conduct Wet Bag Wednesday again in the near future, and each time there will be a variation on the way to win.

Can I put up a review of one of your products instead?
Yes, that would be great! Please make sure you link back directly to MiniMe BabyGear in at least one part of the post to be valid for the free Wet Happened? bag.
If you have any more questions, please let me know!


Brigitte said...

Hi Jamie I would love to get the pink one! My girls love pink. Your banner is posted on my blog Have a great day!

MiniMe Mom said...

Thanks Brigitte! Is there any way you could send an e-mail to with your shipping address?


cara said...

hey jamie, I put a link on both of my blogs. Your new banners are so cute!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Becky said...

I am so excited!!! I have gotten your banner on my new blog
I would love the green swril- or any of the prints they are all pretty.
Thanks for such a great offer!!

Julie Hurley said...

I just saw this today and posted your banner on my blog:!

I don't know if you're still doing the giveaway, but if you are I'll send you my address. If not, I'm still proud to have your banner up! :)

Jessica said...

I know I'm too late to get a free bag, but I have a few of your wetbags and love them, so I happily just added your banner to my site :)