Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never thought I would see the day

My husband plays slow-pitch softball on Tuesday nights. My brothers are on the team along with a slew of family friends, so I often go to watch them.

As I was walking back to the car with my mom, I spotted someone doing something I have done a million times. I peered as a woman in the back driver's side seat of her car folded up and shoved it into the black diaper bag on the floor. The print was caribbean, but I was not certain it was for sure a wet bag as I only caught a glimpse.
I hesitated and looked at my mom. "Should I go ask her if it is a Wet Happened? bag?," I asked.
My mom, who is ever the constant supporter, replied "Sure, I would if I were you."

In this time the woman's husband had stood up next to the passenger car door. I had not originally seen him, but as we approached he asked politely if I needed something.

So, I asked.

Sure enough! It was one of my wet bags. I was so glad I stopped to talk to them, as they were the nicest people ever.
They told me they used their Wet Happened? bag all the time. Mentioned it was a gift from her sister, who was also at the game. She was called over, and also had a Wet Happened? bag on the top of her stroller.

I guess a few years back I remarked to my mom: "I would love to be out in public and see a complete stranger carrying something of mine."

Who would have guessed it would be at a softball game, walking to my car and not even thinking about work. What a small world.

I have been so blessed by my customers, and their devotion for this product. The late nights spent working, when I feel completely tapped out, stretched in every direction--these kind of moments make it all worth while.
I just wish I had my camera!

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Anonymous said...

I think I was as excited as you were to see the 2 girls and the wet happened bags used by both of them. You should be proud for making such a useful product, I know that I am proud of all the hard work and dedication you have put into your work!

Love, Mom