Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm not a blogger

I am a business woman, but not a blogger.

About a month ago, I ran an ad on MckMama's blog. She is a blogger, and a very well known one at that. When her son was in the hospital, she was getting over 200,000 hits per day.

Because of this ad, I started getting e-mails regularly to follow the journey of Little April Rose. The story goes that she was going to be born with Trisomy 13, and literally thousands of people tuned in June 7th as the story unfolded of April's birth.

And then she put up a picture of a well-known doll, claiming it was April Rose.

It seems that the whole thing was a fake. A scam. The blog was taken down and the internet community is reeling.

For money or for attention, no one really knows why "B" did it.

What I would love to remind you is there are real people that this happens to. I would hate for one person to ruin it for everyone. I think of Angie Smith, who I am always impressed by, Kayleigh Ann Freeman's parents, Matt Logelin, or my favorite- Elliot Mooney.

There is a lot to be learned about God from these people sharing their journey. Please don't miss it because of one person.

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cara said...

OMG!!! How sad that someone needs to make up much a story to get some attention. I feel so bad for the mom's who reached out to her.