Monday, June 8, 2009

Mega Heart Monday, Francie Pants

Meet the company: "I see London, I see...Francie Pants."

Well, I personally might never see them on my children as I have two boys and that might be a little weird.

However, little girls far and wide have fallen in love with Francie Pants and "the Francies". Jayden, Lexie, Annika, Marly, and my personal favorite...Piper. Each cyber girl has her own personality and every box of Francie pants comes with a very special paper doll. You can even go to the website for a virtual dressing room before you buy.

Aside from the actual product, what I think is really great is that each doll has their own charity for the year 2009.Why does Francie Pants have Mega Heart? Meet the owner, Ciaran Blumenfeld.

Desperate. So desperate was I for some guidance, that I reached out to a very helpful Ciaran back in Spring of 2006. She was a children's clothing manufacturer with beautiful, professional linesheets. I was a one woman sweat shop with my homemade website. I told Ciaran what I was creating and how frustrated I was at countless hours of sewing for {essentially} free.

She did not have to help me. She could have easily ignored the long e-mail pleading for advice. However, she sent me three pages of things to focus on and advice I could use to go forward.

As if that is not enough for the mega heart award, I can recount charity after charity she has supported in the few years I have known her- getting the Gosselins a baby stroller , supporting Maddie Spohr's family. Without a doubt, I know if there is a need, she is the first one championing the cause.

I am glad to call her a friend, and even more proud to bestow the "Mega Heart award" this Monday. I can't think of anyone more deserving.


Carrie said...

I love Francie Pants! I have been looking at them for a while, and just never purchased them. Any chance you will be carrying them?

Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite charities are Sufficient Grace, or Strings of Pearls. Either one would be great to highlight.