Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shoe Fetish: Which do you like better?

I have been mulling over which one of these shoe brands to carry.
Stop. Let me rephrase that.

I have been drooling and deliberating since I cannot stock both. I feel there are pros and cons of each one.

In this corner:

Jemos footwear

XS 0-6 mos
S 6-9 mos

M 9-12 mos

L 12-18 mos

XL 18-24 mos

Price:$28.00 each

The opponent:

Livie and Luca

Sizing 4-12, about 20 styles $44.00.

Would you pay that for this shoe?

Thank you, as always. I love that you are so willing to share your opinions with me!


shawna said...

I have to say in the old days I sure woulda paid $44.00 and more for a kids shoe. Now days I find myself hunting on ebay to buy the high end shoes for a much cheaper price.
They are both very cute but I think most people will opt for the cute and less expensive shoe.

MiniMe Mom said...

Shawna, I totally agree with you. Thanks for your response. That was my down side to that shoe. I kind of feel like $28 is a lot for a shoe!

Jeanetta said...

Given that they both look cute, I'd have to say I would much rather pay $28 for the Jemos shoe. I could not see myself spending $44 on a shoe that although cute, looks like a lot of other shoes out there at discount shoe stores. So my vote would be for the $28 shoe from Jemos.