Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mega Heart Monday:Hazel May

Meet the company: I discovered this company purely by accident and was so impressed by the passion behind their charity.

The Charity: For every little knot hat purchased, one will go to the hospital where her daughter was born.

Meet the owner: Christina
Why she has Mega Heart
In her words:
"I do the buy one give one at the hospital where I delivered my daughter. I spent 7 extra days in the hospital because I developed severe post partum depression after my daughter was delivered via cesarean section. The nurses and doctors in the hospital facility helped me SO much more then I could ever explain. They went above and beyond their certified duties to help me through my emotional, nursing, and pain problems post birth. I just feel like I have to give back after all they have done for me.

Plus there's so many little ones out there who deserve nice things, and their parents can't afford to give them those things. I can make them something nice for free."

A generous spirit indeed.

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